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Stag Robot EURUSD

2-8% monthly return

Single pair trading using trend and hedge

Stag Robot GBPUSD

2-8% monthly return

Single pair trading using trend and hedge

Gold Strength Robot


Our unique RSI trading strategy with drawdown protection

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Coming Soon - Build your own Robot

We have developed a process to building successful Forex trading robots so we're very excited to be offering new product that will enable you to easily build your own Forex trading robot. Coming soon!

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Since 2017


Our Beginnings

Vertex Forex Trading began its journey in 2017 as a fledgling enterprise. Fast forward to today, and it has burgeoned into a simple trading platform, entrusted with managing a substantial portfolio exceeding £1,000,000 for its discerning clientele.

With sophisticated trading robots, we have maneuvered through the complexities of Forex markets, honing our strategies to ensure reliable returns on our trading robots.


Our Heading

We are a different kind of investment company, familiar with how "market makers" operate and manipulate retail traders, we collaborate closely with our clients, exclusively partnering with verified and fully regulated brokers.

To also keep balanced equity curves and provide regular profits for our clients, we keep risk and drawdown to a minimum using professional risk management services.


Founded in 2017

"The best agency we’ve worked with so far. They understand our product and are able to add new features with a great focus."

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Jenny Wilson
Vice President

"Working with this agency has been a very positive experience. They really know what they are doing. I am extremely satisfied!"

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John Williams

Is Forex like gambling?

They are fundamentally different activities.

Forex traders typically speculate on currency pairs, such as the EUR/USD or USD/JPY, and utilize various strategies, analysis techniques, and risk management approaches to make informed trading decisions.


The largest financial market

The NYSE trades $22.4 billion daily volume whereas the Forex markets trade $5.3 trillion. This is over 200 times larger than the stock market offering investors greater liquidity and cheaper trades.

Unlike the stock exchange, the Forex markets rarely close being open 24/5, which allow you more time to trade and grow your investments.


Why banks use Forex trading

Did you know that the banks use your money to trade in the foreign exchange markets? They earn millions trading your money every day and give 0.5% interest annually in return.

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