Vertex Gold EA

Gold EA is exactly that it trades only Gold only using our unique strategy

5-15% monthly return.

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Vertex Gold EA is exactly that it trades only Gold XAUUSD only using our unique strategy to achieve 5-15% a month.
Minimum account leverage required is 1:100
Minimum account size needs to be 100k cent or standard so perfect for trading on a cent account as 1000 USD is 100,000 cents.

24/5 Support with all EA Purchases

EA broker Options.

You can pay 749 GBP for the EA and use it on the brokers we are affiliated with (see broker list) and have as many accounts as you wish under these brokers or you can purchase the “For use with any Brokers”, which allows the EA to be used on any broker of your choice on up to three live accounts.

NB: If you are going to be trading yourself, you will need to rent a VPS. This is basically a remote PC that means you can run your trading without interruption to your internet or electricity supply. See VPS list.


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